Thanks to the continuous improvement of deep-rooted artisanal production processes, Argenti Italian Food offers semi-finished products that are practical to use, convenient to store and rich in the taste of Italian milk.

Through a careful quality policy, Argenti Italian Food guarantees the traceability of products coming exclusively from Italian farms in compliance with EU animal welfare regulations.

The story of Argenti

- Early 1960s -

Argenti snc was founded in 1960 by three brothers who moved from northern Italy to Perugia, bringing with them the know-how and technology to process drinking milk and milk-based products.

The company quickly took root in the region and its success contributed significantly to the development of cow’s milk processing in the region

packaged under the brand Tiber.


- 1969 -

Continuing its propensity for research and business diversification, Argenti directed its efforts towards the development of alternative milk derivative products, particularly concentrated milk. This allowed the company to quickly gain acceptance and become a supplier to important Italian ice cream and confectionery industries.

- 2014 -

Paola Argenti, daughter of the company’s founder, continuing with the same spirit, considers it opportune to enlarge the company structure with the inclusion of new figures, distinguished by long and qualified experience in the milk sector. In this way, Argenti italian food srl continues with a renewed impulse for growth and experimentation of new products.

- 2023 -

The renewed corporate image takes place with the creation of the new logo.

The production plant is equipped with a 100kw photovoltaic system, which enables the use of energy from renewable sources.
The project was financed by the European Union – Next Generation EU, within the framework of the call for proposals for an agrisolar park.   

EN Funded by the European Union_PANTONE

Attention to the use of quality raw materials, craftsmanship linked to innovation and a propensity for continuous improvement are still the cornerstones of Argenti italian food srl, indispensable for obtaining products of excellence.

We are in Umbria, the green heart of Italy.

Umbria-Cuore verde d'Italia

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