Who we are

Argenti has been specialized in the production of sweetened condensed milk since the 1960. The company has unique plants and works only with Italian fresh milk. Using a particular technique of condensation, we produce a wide range of solution for the ice-cream and pastry field.

Thanks to a modern productive process, Argenti Italian Food srl introduced in the market new methods for the manufacturing of milk, that let us prepare ice-cream bases easy to preserve and rich of all the taste of Italian fresh milk

Thanks to a careful policy on the qualità, Argenti Italian Food can guarantee the traceability of the product coming only from Italian farms that respect the EU law on the wealth of the animals.

Our History

Argenti Snc was born in the 1960 from the idea of three brothers, that moved from Lombardia to Perugia, bringing in Umbria the culture, the know-how and the technology for the manufacturing of milk and other diary products.

The Company helped the development of the production of milk in our region. In fact, while in the northern region of Italy the production of milk was already evolved, Umbria was not. This system of production, anyway, was accepted very well by Umbria people, helped even by the daily harvest made from the Fratelli Argenti, packed under the brand “Tiber”.

We are in Umbria, the green heart of Italy

After the Perugia council decided to found the Milk Plant, the company turned its direction to the condensed milk; in this field, Argenti srl became the Italian most important company, supplying the biggest firm in the pastry industry. Even today, Argenti Italian Food remains the only company in Italy that produce condensed milk.

In 2014, Mrs Paola Argenti decided to open the doors of the family company to three other stake-holders with long experience in the dairy industry. From that day, a new push led the company, and Creamy – Gelato italiano was created.

The hand-crafted of the production and the authenticity were, are and will always be core ingredients to obtain high quality products.

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