A 100% Italian product
We are the only Italian company specialized on the production of condensed milk.

Our full range of
Italian products

Tiber – Italian sweetened condensed milk
with 9% of fats

Obtained from whole milk.

Tiber – Italian sweetened condensed milk
with 5% of fats

Obtained from partially skimmed milk

Tiber – Creme Perfume

Semi-finished with concentrated milk and egg yolk flavored with cream

Tiber –Italian sweetened condensed
milk fat free

Obtained from skimmed milk

Tiber – Al.Pa. Heart of
Italian cream

Semifinished product made of condensed milk and egg yolk

Tiber – Italian sweetened buffalo
condensed milk

Obtained from fresh buffalo milk. EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT

Sugared concentrated
BIO milk

This milk is straw-colored due to the presence of bio cane sugar. The product can be used in ice cream and pastry.

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